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The benefits of Thai massage

The master of Thai massage must be an expert and educated person who knows well the human body and the rules of Thai massage and Ayurveda. Eastern masters train for this throughout their lives and constantly invest in their knowledge and abilities. Thai massage is performed on the floor, on a mat or on another soft surface. In this way, the body can be accessed from all sides, without jeopardizing stability. At least two hours before the massage, the person must not eat anything and should wear comfortable and stretchy clothes. The treatment and massage itself last about two hours. Unlike Western massage styles, Thai massage focuses on circulation and pressure, promoting internal health as well as muscle flexibility. Contrary to some beliefs, Thai massage is not painful, but pleasant and relaxing.

Thai massage client preparing to receive best massage in her life
Thai massage client smiling holding flower

Course of Thai massage

The massage starts on the lower part of the body - legs, and gradually moves upwards, that is, towards the head. Each stage of the massage gradually prepares the person for the next stage, maintaining a slow but even rhythm. During the massage, the body is in four positions: face down, face up, side and sitting. By alternating these different positions, it is possible to perform exercises that are otherwise difficult to perform. The master of Thai massage adjusts the body in different positions, and the massaged person feels the stretching and awakening of inactive muscles and ligaments and better circulation. The methods of Thai massage are rhythmic compressions, limb rolling and gentle rocking. In addition to the hands, the massage master also uses the feet, knees and forearms when performing certain movements and adjusting the position. The goal of such methods is relaxation and alignment of energy in the body.

Physical and spiritual balance

Thai massage works as a combination of acupressure, yoga and zen shiatsu technique. It activates the flow of energy in the energy channels of our body, which are called sen. These channels can be compared to blood vessels in the body. According to Ayurvedic principles of energy balance, for a person to be healthy, there must be a balance in the hay. Traditional healing techniques indicate that when the hay is blocked, the energy stagnates and the body loses its balance, which consequently leads to a number of diseases. Thai massage acts as an external stimulus, which creates specific effects within the body itself. This ancient technique prevents the accumulation of negative energy and preserves health, as well as physical and spiritual harmony.

Man enjoying and relaxing receiving thai massage in Arun Zagreb
Thai massage hot stone massage

Energy balance in your body

Traditional Thai massage is one of the oldest massage techniques in the world - believed to be over 2,500 years old. Its roots go back to the time of the Buddha. The creator of Thai massage is believed to be the doctor and friend of Buddha Jivak Kumar Bhacch, also known as Shivago Komarpaj. The original and original name of the massage is nuad bo rarn. Nuad means touch, and bo rarn means something ancient, sacred, revered. This Eastern form of therapy focuses on both the body and the mind at the same time and involves working with the energy fields and channels that surround and permeate the body. In order for energy to flow through the body, the energy channels, which are located about two centimeters below the surface of the skin, must be passable.

Main benefits of
Thai massage

 Relieves headache

✓ Reduces back pain

 Relieves stiffness and joint pain

 Increases flexibility and range of motion

 It relieves anxiety and restores energy

 It balances the work of the whole organism

 Reduces chronic pain

 It helps fight cellulite

Thai massage masseuse in Arun Zagreb

Feel Thai atmosphere

Thai atmosphere with flower on bed
Thai statue in thai massage hall of Arun Zagreb
Thai decor in Arun Zagreb Thai massage waiting room and reception
Thai massage zagreb waiting room chair where you can drink tea
Thai decor on wall in Arun Zagreb
Thai themed woman praying on wall decor picture

What clients say about us

Thai black background

I have had massages from various therapists and chiropractors over the years for constant back pain, but after visiting this place for the past 4 months, I can honestly say that my back is much, much better now than it has been in years. I would really recommend anyone with back problems to try this massage, as I am quite sure you will not be disappointed with the results. Many thanks to the entire staff for their professionalism and see you again!


Denis Antonić

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